Year 5

Mr Davison and Mrs Birkett would like to welcome you to the fun and exciting place that is Year 5!
During their time with us we will nurture your child, encourage them to reach their potential and celebrate their individuality. We believe in forming strong relationships with every child, which enables them to feel confident and able to take the next steps on their learning journey.
We welcome all our parents to be a part of our learning community.

Learning Support:
We are fortunate to have following specialist teaching assistants working with us:
Mrs Tindale: Upper Key Stage 2 Maths
Miss Price: Literacy/Numeracy
Mr Rutherford: Maths, P.E. and Pastoral
Mrs Jewell: Reading
Mrs Hitchin: Literacy, Numeracy and Pastoral

Monday and Friday - children need to have their outdoor and indoor PE Kits in school on those days as PE is an important part of the National Curriculum
Thursday- Homework Diary is provided to encourage independence

Holly How Coniston - 17th May 2017- 19th May

Autumn Term Dates
Big Bang (Science and Technology Session)- Furness College- Wednesday 19th October 2016
Halloween Disco- Wednesday 19th October 2016
Open Day- Thursday 3rd November 2016
Furness College Visit (Linking to a health project)- Tuesday 8th November 2016
Victoria Academy Quiz night- Friday 11th November 2016
Celebrating Diwali Day led by Tesco- Tuesday 15th November 2016
Victoria Academy Christmas Fayre- Wednesday 30th November 2016
Celebrating Christingle led by Tesco- Monday 12th December 2016

Spring Term Dates
University of Cumbria Visit- Tuesday 17th January 2017
Academy Sports Science Day-Monday 23rd January 2017
Workshop about Museli Making with Tesco-Thursday 16th February 2017
Billy Elliot production at Dowdales- Friday 17th February 2017
M & M production of Treasure Island- Friday 3rd March 2017
Year 5 work celebration day- Tuesday 14th March 2017 (p.m.)
Year 5 parents meetings- Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th April 2017

Summer Term Dates
BAE Championships Submarine session - Tuesday 25th April 2017
Y5 Holly How Residential- Wednesday 17th May - Friday 19th May 2017
Y5 Furness AcademyArts Visit- Monday 19th June 2017
Y5 Tri-Golf tournament - Tuesday 23rd May 2017
Y5 Work Show afternoon- Tuesday 20th June 2017
Sports Day - Friday 30th June 2017
Creative Arts Performance- Tuesday 11th July 2017


We have had a wonderful start to Year 5 and have been very fortunate to have taken part in so many exciting workshops and visits.  Here is a glimpse of what we have done so far! (Photographs relating to these visits can be viewed on Twitter.)

The Big Bang Visit

On Wednesday 19th October, our year 5 children visited Furness College for an afternoon of science and scientific discovery.  The children had an amazing day, taking part in a range of activities from making CD hovercrafts, to writing their names on biscuits in edible pen.

Furness Happy and Healthy Lifestyle Workshops

Year 5 have been at the heart of one of the most exciting projects to hit the Barrow area in recent years.  Our Year 5 children, together with 6 other local schools, are leading the way to encourage families in the Furness area to eat a more healthy diet.  This project is run in conjunction with local health practitioners.

On Tuesday 8th November, the year 5 children spent the afternoon at Furness College, where this initiative was then launched.  The afternoon involved workshops on various issues ranging from drugs and alcohol misuse, to emotional wellbeing and exercise.  Hospital chef, Andy Bickle's demostration of what not to eat, left a lasting impression on us all!

Furness Happy and Healthy Lifestyle Research Group

As a result of the above visit, four children from year 5 have been selected to work with the other 6 schools in the project.  Their task is to design and implement an iniative that will get Victoria Academy families involved in trying different foods.  WATCH THIS SPACE!

Celebrating Diwali Day

On Tuesday 15th November, Tesco kindly came and gave our children an insight into the Hindu festival of Diwali. They entertained the children with stories, costumes and even food tasting activities.  

Chemistry Day with Dr Irene Wise

On Wednesday 16th November, Dr Irene, a physicist from Lancaster University, led an exciting day where our budding engineers, using the latest technologies, had to design a safety bumper for a car.  In addition to this, the children were also 'wowed' when they had the chance to see experiemnts performed using a naked flame.

The University of Cumbria Visit

On Tuesday 17th January, year 5 were invited to spend the whole day at the Lancaster campus of the University of Cumbria.  The idea behind the visit was to inspire our children to do their best in school and to be aware of future opportunities available to them.  The children had a fantastic day, taking part in tours of the campus, forensic science sessions and even graduating wearing a cap and gown!

A great deal of high quality literacy work was produced as a result of this visit including: newpaper reports, CV's and high-level recounts.

Furness Academy Visit

As a taster for secondary school life, year 5 went to Furness Academy to participate in a Sports Science day.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the visit and learnt a great deal from taking part in activities such as trampolining, i-circuits and chemistry investigations.



Following our E-safety session with parents and Barrow Police, we have added some links to each year group page to help you find out more about how to keep your child safe online. If you have any questions or you just want to chat about e-safety, please feel free to call in. 

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We have also provided you with links to download the appropriate guide to allow you to add parental controls to your internet provider. Click on the appropriate link below and 'open':

Dowdales Transition Day-Wednesday 15th March 2017




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