School Uniform

The compulsory school uniform is as follows:

Girls:           Turquoise school sweatshirt with school logo or turquoise school cardigan with school logo
                    School kilt or charcoal grey trousers
                    White blouse or white polo shirt
                    White or grey tights / white or grey socks
                    Black shoes - not trainers
                    Summer Uniform: Yellow  gingham summer dress and school cardigan with school logo

Boys:           Turquoise school sweatshirts with school logo
                    Charcoal grey trousers
                    White shirt or white polo shirt
                    Black shoes - not trainers

Additional items are also included in our uniform range, but these items are optional; fleece jackets, baseball caps and school bags.

The official supplier of school uniform is Identity on Cavendish Street, Barrow-in-Furness.








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